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It seems these days that just about everybody has taken a picture and found there is an orb in it. Orbs at the cemetery, orbs at the parks, orbs just about everywhere. To the paranormalist, orbs are so boring. How common is it to catch an Orb in a picture? 

Did you ever stop to think: “Why are there so many orbs?” If there is a spirit behind each orb, that means there are millions of spirits walking this earth. Those little ball of lights, some with faces in them so clear it looks like they are winking at you, while others have this glow around them with blues, oranges, pinks, bright white, and glowing greens. 

Have you ever taken the time to research how these orbs absorb the energy they need to light themselves up? Or why they need the energy? Or does it depend on which source they drain their energy from? Could it be that aura is giving them color, or the energy they feed from?

I have hundreds of pictures of orbs. They like to go straight to the television, microwave, or my computer after I’m done using them. Why? Because of the EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) energy — in particular, radioactive energy. The thought that this radioactive energy can be deadly to us when we are living, but we seem to seek it after we die is quite interesting. To the spirit, I wonder exactly how long or how much they need to absorb to be able to function and to refuel. After researching orbs for three years now, I have discovered a couple of unique things about orbs.

For three months I went out every night and took some pictures above four homes in my area. The first picture I took, showed four orbs above the first house (also, there are four people who live in this house). In the second picture I took, the orbs moved higher into the sky — you could barely see them. The next house has two people who live in the house, and there were only two orbs above that particular house. After taking the first picture with a flash, they would move. I continued to take photographs and it was the same with the other houses. Interestingly, after returning an hour later, the orbs would move back and resume their original positions.

Another interesting characteristic I found out about orbs was when I had captured a very large orb on film. It was as large as a car tire. Enlarging the 
photo as to take a better look at it, it was interesting to see many faces inside the large orb. Could this be some sort of transport orb for other spirits, or one family in one orb that travel together? Or Could it be that the orb itself is just a ball of energy that surrounds the spirit? It might be that orbs hold a lot of answers, and being so, it is time to re-open the interest on them. I believe there isn’t enough research being done on orbs presently. They could hold many of the answers we all seek: where is it we go after we die ? 

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