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On the Prayer of Jesus by Ignatius BrianchaninovVoices of Flowers: Use the Natural Wisdom of Plants and Flowers for Health and Renewal
By Ignatius Brianchaninov
Publisher: Ibis Press (April 2006)
Pages: 105 – Price: $12.95

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This is another excellent book from the IBIS Western Mystery Tradition, an imprint of Nicolas-Hays, from the publishing home of Red Wheel/Weiser. As an important part of the series, this is one of the most unusual books to date.

What is so remarkable, and memorable, about this On the Prayer of Jesus is the depth of the material covered. The book gives teachings on how to approach this prayer. This prayer directs the person praying to look within.

Along with instruction on the usage of the prayer, pitfalls that could be encountered are discussed and directions on how to avoid these pitfalls is given. Material aids such correct posture and a rosary are mentioned.

This is an ancient prayer. It was used to overcome demons, and other less desirable encounters. It was a prayer to overcome situations.

The Jesus prayer will intrigue and educate the reader to what is credited to Jesus as his having spoken, and passed down through the centuries. Readers will find this book hard to put down once they understand what the power of this Jesus prayer can do.

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