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Hill Naval Hospital
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Witness: L.G.
Location: Hill Center, Capital Hill, Washington DC
Date of Encounter: September 13, 2018

I go to school at the Hill Center, it’s a really old building that used to be a Civil War hospital. In the morning, I couldn’t find a shirt to wear, so I picked one up off my floor and checked for stains and such, and nothing was there. Nothing on the sleeves, I check the sleeves on most of the stuff I re-wear because I sweat a ton, so I know nothing was there.

In my classroom there were no electrical outlets, and my computer was dying, so I left the room with my project partner to work in a room across the hall. There were no chairs in that room because later it was going to be used for a yoga class, so I had to lay on the floor. After returning to my classroom I realized there was some markings on my sleeves. the marking are very large — it looks like it could say “513 2.4” but I have no idea, the five does not even look like a five, it looks more wavy. I am super creeped out and I want to know what it means. Can anyone help?

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  1. You could check with the Friends of the Old Naval Hospital. It looks like they have an archive of historical information, including patient records: The numbers could indicate a patient or a diagnosis. I don’t know military, but you might inquire whether these numbers reflect a certain regiment during the civil war.

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