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Witness: Jamie
Location: Worthing, United Kingdom
Date of Encounter: April, 2005

This story isn't mine, but something that happened to two of my friends, Paul and Dan.

Paul and Dan had written a script for a horror film called Eve's Demons, and were looking for a church to film one of the scenes. They were with a couple of girls cast in the film, Sarah and Aisha.

Paul noticed a particular location, St Mary's Church, and suggested they go and check it out and see if it was a suitable location. Everyone agreed and headed on over. As they walked along the path, they chatted to each other about what they planned to do with the film when it was completed. Everyone was fine and well and was enjoying themselves until they approached the door.

Dan turned to the others and said, "What's that?" Aisha interjected that she was also feeling something. Sarah said she was experiencing a weird tugging sensation like something was trying to pull her away from the church. They all felt the exact same thing.

However, Paul just stood there feeling nothing but total bewilderment. He thought it was a group joke and that they would say "Gotcha!" after a few minutes.

But they didn't. Dan then started to complain about feelings of nausea and said he needed to leave as soon as possible or otherwise he was going to throw up! They got back to the car. After they recovered, Paul dropped off the girls and then went to get some petrol before taking Dan home.

Paul wondered if the presence, or whatever it was, that occupied the churchyard three hours before would still be there. He suggested to Dan that they go back and see if that was the case. Naturally, Dan was totally against it. However, after some persuasion, he reluctantly agreed.

The guys stopped by the church gate again and parked the car. As they walked along the path towards the door, Paul asked Dan if he felt anything. He said that he did not.

A few more steps down the path, and still Dan felt nothing. He wondered aloud if he'd imagined the whole thing, and if it was just the power of suggestion that had made everyone feel weird.

Then suddenly, at exactly the same spot, Dan felt an unbearable presence tugging him from behind. Then came the nausea in the same order as before. He turned around and ran like a bat out of hell toward the church yard gates. Paul followed him.

Two weeks later Dan agreed to check out the place again. He and Paul walked down the church path, at the same time of evening, got to exactly the same spot and…nothing! No presence, no tugging, no feelings of nausea. It had finally gone. Nobody knows what caused those initial experiences, and they never found any logical explanation.

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