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Mysterious Celtic Mythology in American Folklore by Bob CurranMysterious Celtic Mythology in American Folklore
By Bob Curran
Publisher: Pelican Publishing (July 2010)
Pages: 296 – Price: $25.00

Official Review

The writings of Bob Curran are no stranger to the readers of the paranormal, and in this new book release, Curran once again shares his careful research and insights. With information on vampires, headless horsemen, Witches, devil dogs, and banshees, Curran reveals how it can be traced back to the ancient Celts and has now become permeated into many aspects of American folklore.

There is a highly interesting analysis of the shapeshifters at Tennessee’s Roan Mountain, among other fascinating accounts. Curran successfully examines such topics as mysterious and sacred places, Witches, wizards, ghosts, spirits, the dead, devil creatures. There is an intriguing chapter on the black booger dog found in Missouri, and Granny Sibley who was a famous Witch of Taney County, Missouri and her relationship with this giant mastiff of a dog!

You will be in for some surprises when you read the chapter, “The Thing on the Road.” Another chapter is “J. C. Brown and the Lost World.” Each chapter deals with an American location and situation at that location. Each chapter is different and addresses a different subject matter in a particular part of the United States.

For entertaining reading, with a solid researched base of factual material, this is an ideal book. It is one that is certainly recommended to all readers interested in the paranormal and a good book to have placed in your local public library for library patrons. This is one of Curran’s finest books to date, and one you will enjoy reading over and over again. The bibliography and index make for intriguing reading.

Highly recommended. Topnotch writing. Excellent reading!

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