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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Kentwood/Middleville, Michigan
Date of Encounter: Ongoing

I have had encounters for most of my life. One of the first was with a boyfriend who was killed in a car accident and lingered for nearly ten years afterward. We had footsteps crossing the upstairs of our house, doors opening and closing, and cold spots. My family didn't want to believe me at first, but the evidence spoke for itself. He saved my life by whispering, "Stop," at an intersection where I had stopped and then nearly pulled out in front of a speeding car I didn't see — but I guess he did. He watched over me during some of the hardest times I've ever had, even appearing to one of my former sisters-in-law. He only left when I married my husband 23 years ago. Since then, I have sensed presences in some of the houses I've lived in (my children had experiences as well — especially my girls). My parents have maintained contact with me since their deaths — my father died 10 years ago (he has contacted my children as well) and has maintained fairly regular contact with me — mostly by clairaudience; my mother occasionally makes her presence known as well. She has been gone for seven years now. We have numerous orb photos which we've taken in our home, and I even got a response when I attempted an EVP (I have the tapes). Last Christmas I was surrounded by orbs in one of the pictures and two of my granddaughters have seen my father in our family room. We know this because they identified him by his picture — and it's one of him when he was in his twenties. (They told me that they saw "a man" on the steps and then pointed him out in the picture.) Since they're only three and four, it isn't likely that they're making it up. I have no question that there is a life beyond this one, because I've had so much contact with it.

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