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Witness: Emily
Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Date of Encounter: July 2006

My name is Emily and I have lived in my apartment for 10 years. Ever since I moved in strange things have happened. When I first moved in I saw a black figure go walking down the stairs (it's a two-level apartment) and go walking into my bedroom. It was as if this figure of a woman was oblivious to anything going on around her. To this day if I shut my bedroom door, it will rattle very loudly as if someone is trying to get in. Also I have heard loud banging on the walls when I am the only one home.

Three years ago I had the most convincing things happen here! My daughter was changing her daughter's diaper and she went to pick up the diaper and it wasn't there anymore where she had laid it down. All of a sudden it fell over her shoulder to her lap. Also around the same time I went to open the cupboard in my kitchen and my pills came flying at me. I always keep these pills on the counter. Also the cats' toy moved by itself to the other side of the living room. But the biggest experience I had happened after I had just come home from working the afternoon shift. It was about 11:30 PM and I was making a snack and my phone rang just once, not the normal ring, but the one saying someone's is in the lobby. It startled me and I turned around and there in front of me was a sort of silver wavering mass, just like if you look down a road on a hot summer day. I gasped because it scared me and then it disappeared.

One night I was lying down on my bed to go to sleep and it felt like I laid on someone and they went right through me and got up. It made me gasp, it felt weird, and it scared me. Many things have happened — I could write a book. I will be moving soon as they are making these apartments into condominiums.

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