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Witness: Michael Price
Location: Strawberry Chapel, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
Date of Encounter: October 14, 2011

In 2010, my family and I moved into a new house. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say new, but new to us anyways. Soon after we moved in my wife, Cynthia began to mention that she often felt uneasy in our house, like something was watching her. It wasn’t too long until she was claiming that she was seeing a little girl in the house. Please keep in mind that we have three children, one boy who is 14, and two girls who are 12, and 10. She informed me that what she was seeing was not one of ours. In order to keep others from thinking that she is crazy, I am the only person that she told about what she was seeing.

We have a friend named Renae that would often watch our children if we were working the late shift. Renae is a Wiccan and an Empath. One day I asked her if she ever felt uneasy or like something was in my house watching her. Her response to me was, “Oh, you mean the little girl that’s here?” Her response to me sent a shiver up my spine, however, as creepy as it was, I need to see or hear something for myself before I truly believe it. Soon my son began to make claims that at night he felt as though something was in his room. He would often hear the sound of a little girls voice whispering in his ear. Being a parent, my first thought was that it was his imagination getting the best of him after over hearing my wife and I talking about it.

There was one particular night that my son was not feeling well. He had fallen asleep on the couch around 9:45 PM. At 10:00 I woke him up and sent him to bed. He was slightly argumentative claiming that he was scared to sleep in his room. I made him go in there anyways. About 45 minutes later he came out of his room — damn near ripped the door off its hinges to get out — screaming and crying like I’ve never seen in my life. If he was faking it, he’s a damn good actor because I genuinely believe that he was terrified of something. I asked him what was wrong and he stated that he was lying in bed almost asleep when he felt like something was holding him down, then a little girl’s voice whispered in his ear one word. The word was “Evil.”

One night my wife and I were having some friends over. We were sitting around talking about what was going on and someone suggested to have an EVP session. I’ve watched enough Ghost Adventures to think it can’t be that hard, I was game for it. So that’s what we did. I’m not 100% convinced it was a spirit voice we heard on the recordings, but it got my attention. I soon began reading everything I could get my hands on about ghosts, EVP’s, orbs, ghost hunting, you name it. I wanted answers. I wanted to know if all of this was real and possible. It wouldn’t be long until I found out just how very real it all was.

Renae and I had been talking about ghost hunting and that we should try it. She has been on a few in the past. So one night we decided to test our bravery and go to a local graveyard to ghost hunt. We were standing in one particular spot. She was standing slightly behind me about 8 feet away and to my left. We were conducting an EVP session when all of a sudden I felt something come and stand on my right side placing its hand on my shoulder. I’ve had the chills before but this was unlike anything I have ever felt in my life. Of course I had the shivery goose bumps but this chill almost felt like it came from inside me. It took my breath away and I was almost frozen in fear. It’s the most I’ve ever been scared. What makes this event stand out is the fact that I hadn’t said a word to Renae. In fact, I couldn’t even speak.

About 5 seconds after I felt the chill come over me, Renae said, “Oh my God, don’t move! I feel something standing next to you and I’m going to take a pic of your right shoulder.” She started to take the picture when an overwhelming sense of anger came over her. Unable to shake the feeling she said, “We need to leave this place now! Something doesn’t want us here and its very angry.” We then thanked the spirits for allowing us into their space and left. As scary as that was for me, I couldn’t get it out of my head. My search for the truth only got stronger.

I have been researching, reading, talking to others, watching how to videos, everything I can to learn more about ghost hunting and the paranormal. I have conducted a few ghost hunts since then but finding others who share my passion has been harder than I thought it would be. I don’t assume that everything is paranormal. Any evidence that I collect is looked over a dozen times by myself and others. I try to think of every possible angle of what it could be before I believe its something unexplainable. I am new at this but I am passionate and serious about this field. I realize that with the popularity of ghost hunting shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, wannabe ghost hunters have been coming out of the wood work. Believe me, I’m not interested because Zak, Nick, and Aaron make it look cool.

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  1. Hello there

    I’d like to say we share the same interest. I haven’t experienced anything as profound as the one you described. I have experienced something strange. About ten years ago when I was in my bad often in the middle of the night I used to feel just as there was somebody sitting on the left side of the bed always on the left side. It happened so many times that at a certain point I would think ‘oh no! There is already someone here’. Oddly, it would only happen if I moved my bed to the centre of the room and didn’t happen otherwise. One of the scariest things for me was when I woke up again in the middle of the night and noticed a dark figure standing up on the corner of the room in my right side. I could see it with the corner of my eyes and I didn’t turn around to see it as I was too scared. I am terrified with ghosts but I love reading about them. My uncle is a spirit person who has had lots of encounters in his house I have never been to one before and I have to admit I am scared at it so the changes of me attending on session is below zero.

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