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Witness: Rana
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date of Encounter: July 30, 2005

I was going for another swim in my pool in my backyard. I hadn't swam in that water since the big accident involving my young cousin. My cousin, Suzy, was just 3 years, 4 months old when she died. She was going for a swim like the rest of us. Unfortunately, in her case she didn't know how to. We were all inside watching a movie and she was wandering around in my garden playing with my puppy, Sandy. I didn't know exactly what happened to her — the doctors say she probably slipped in. Anyhow, I was walking into the steps of my pool when I felt a powerful pull on my leg. I struggled to get out and threw myself back. I thought it was probably the heaters or something until I saw a small figure walking around the pool. I was so scared I couldn't even move. Instead, I shut my eyes and in a little while I ran inside.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen — it was impossible. Almost a month later around dawn I heard screaming and crying. I looked outside my window and there was nothing there. Every 30th of the month I dream of Suzy and what she saw through her point of view. It does creep me out, but to this day I'm still trying to find out whether or not these are signs from her.

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