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The Trees by Frank Grace
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Name: Len Costello
Location: Wyoming, Pennsylvania
Date: June 1984

I was staying with my uncle at his home for a few days after my aunt/his wife had passed away. I had stayed there many many times growing up, so it was nothing new to me. While sleeping on his couch, I woke in the middle of the night because I saw a white light even with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes I saw a woman in a wedding gown with a veil over her face. I sensed it was my aunt because I had seen pictures of her in her wedding dress when she was young. when I turned the light on, she vanished. I didn’t say anything to my uncle and tried to go back to sleep. The next night nothing at all happened, but the following night I was awakened again to the same woman in the white wedding dress. This time she was kneeling in front of the couch with her hands praying and I could see it was my aunt. I screamed and climbed over the back of the couch reaching for the lamp. After I turned it on, she again vanished. This was the home they came to after they were first married all those years ago. I did not stay anymore nights at his house after this.

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