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Witness: Resa
Location: Jefferson, Texas
Date of Encounter: July 2004

We recently took a wonderful trip to Jefferson, Texas. After hearing about its haunted history from a member of the summer IGHS ghost hunter's convention in San Antonio, we decided to make the trip.

It's a bit out of the way from any major Texas city, but well worth the visit. Picture a town scene straight from a Norman Rockwell painting, and you have Jefferson. It is a very small town, and looks as if it's gone untouched since the 1950's. Past 8 PM, the residents seem to disappear entirely, making it seem like a real 'ghost town.' We stayed in the Jefferson Hotel, which has a tumultuous history. It's been everything from an upscale hotel, to a Chinese laundry, to a brothel.

We stayed in room 19, where it is reported that a young prostitute was murdered. Although no murders are officially on file, one will never know because the records were destroyed in a fire. The woman was reported to have been killed in the tub, but was left in agony there, not taking her final breath until two days after her mortal wounds were inflicted. 

After we awoke from our night's sleep in room 19, we drew a steaming, hot bath. My husband and I were puttering around the bathroom waiting for it to fill, while I watched the mirror fog up. Slowly, across the middle, the word HELP appeared to fade in. My eyes grew as wide as saucers as I implored my husband to watch. As if that wasn't enough, the word JUDY faded in above 'help'. The final touch came when, on the bottom of the mirror, from right to left, the letters EDRUM faded in. They took up the width of the mirror, and a small 'r' was fingered just above the letters, since the space was used up below. Read from right to left, it said 'Murder' like this:


We cleaned the mirror off, and it steamed up again, revealing the same eerie message. We bought another mirror later that day and hung it in place of the other to see if it would produce the same results, but nothing. Apparently the message is an imprint in the original mirror. 
The next night, we stayed in room 12. The bed from room 14 had been relocated to 12. In room 14, a woman hung herself from the chandelier in the room after her husband stood her up for their wedding. She was apparently attached to the bed. After sleeping in room 12, my husband told me an odd story. Let me say first that my husband was not a believer in my ghostly interests at that point. He told me that, although we were the sole inhabitants of the hotel that night, he saw shadows dart across the crack under the door as if someone was walking by all night. However, he said the shadows were being produced from our side of the door. Then, a hand was lightly caressing the back of his leg, up and down, while he lay in bed. 

I have read other haunted stories that originate from different rooms in that hotel, and plan on staying in another room next time!  

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