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Witness: Annie
Location: Location Unknown
Date of Encounter: March 2012

I’ve had ghostly encounters all of my life, and rarely have they been scary. One day, a ghost named Mary Finch appeared in my room at about 3:30 a.m. She was probably around 60 years old with long gray hair and pale blue eyes. Her face reminded me of worn, cracked leather, and she smelled faintly of apricots. She wore a beautiful red and gold embroidered robe with matching slippers. A silver silver chain was around her neck which hung a piece of mottled jade. She told me she’d once lived on the grounds of my house and hadn’t been there in a while. She hadn’t expected to find a sleeper there! We had a pleasant conversation about the house and it’s changes, and she left with a content breeze. A very enjoyable experiance for the both of us, I believe.

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