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Name: Corliss Sinclair
Location: New Hartford, Connecticut
Date: March 20, 1965

My mother had passed March 5th, 1965 from complications due to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She was just 50 years-old. I was sent to live with her sister and husband as I was only 10-years old at that time.

Two weeks following her death my mother visited me during sleep. She sat in a chair; ankles crossed, and her hands brought together, palms up in a relaxed posture. She didn’t have normal clothing. She wore a shimmering robe of white light which appeared as sparkling diamond dust. It encircled around the base of her neck draping over her arms, covering her knees, and ended in a fall around her ankles. In this “dream” — I knew it was a dream, yet it was so real. I guess the point is, I knew who I was, who she was, and that she had died. I wasn’t shocked to see her, but like I said, I knew she was no longer in a physical existence. I remember observing that though she was draped in sparkling light, she had a defeated expression. Disappointment at how her life ended without accomplishing what she had hoped to perhaps.

She never smiled as she sat.

She asked me how I was. I remember her pointed question: “Are you happy?” I said I was. I now had people around me and cousins to play with. Prior, I only had my parents, and no kids to grow up with, and I was already 10 years old. Knowing she had died, I asked her what Heaven was like. She replied, “It is green.” I can only believe she was referring to the farmland she left behind here in Connecticut.

She wanted adventure, and had moved to San Francisco where she met my dad. They settled in Los Angeles where it’s all concrete and pavement. I know she had to have missed the countryside, the grass and trees.

Well, that was many, many years ago already, but I remember it not feeling like a dream, but more of an encounter, and was an after death visit with my mother.

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