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Home 30 Odd Minutes Mission 147 – Haunted Highways and Bridges with Dale Kaczmarek

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In Mission 147 we explore haunted streets, bridges, and roadside legends with author and paranormal investigator Dale Kaczmarek! From the Joplin Spooklight to phantom hitchhikers, to ghostly cars stopping by old crime scenes, to suicide bridges, America is full of roadside tales that remind us that we don’t always reach our destination alive. Kaczmarek is the president of the Ghost Research Society and director of Excursions Into the Unknown, Inc. He’s been investigating ghosts since 1975 and is the author of six books. He has appeared on Oprah, Sightings, Encounters, The Other Side, and tonight he’s beaming to the Mother Ship to talk about his latest work, Field Guide to Haunted Highways and Bridges. And don’t miss Bigfoot in the news!

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