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Home 30 Odd Minutes Mission 146 – American Crop Circles with Jennifer Stein

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In Mission 146 we explore the crop circle phenomenon in the United States with Jennifer Stein. The U.S. has many hundreds of examples of these intricate patterns melded into wheat, corn, grass, and even snow. What do these intricate and often beautiful patterns mean? Who or what is creating them? And what can we learn from them? Jennifer Stein stops by to discuss. Stein is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has been studying this phenomenon along with UFOs for many years. She co-produced the documentary film It Could Happen Tomorrow, she’s hosting the MUFON PA East Coast Conference, and she’s the State Section Director of MUFON Pennsylvania. Dr. Dreck stops by to weigh in on the cause of crop circles, and don’t miss a UFO over Northern Ireland in the news!

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