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Witness: Nikki
Location: Loves Park, Illinois
Date of Encounter: February 2012

My husband and I have started to notice things around our apartment over the last few months. Mind you, I have always believed in spirits and what have you, but my husband has NEVER believed until recently.

It started out almost a year after we moved. His computer would turn on by itself at night after we were in bed. There was one time that his computer and our PlayStation 3 turned on at the same time. My husband, not wanting to think of it as a ghost, just brushed it off as a power issue.

About a week ago, we were in bed at around 3 am. Everything was quiet. I was sitting up in bed setting my alarm on my phone when I heard a voice (I could not tell what it said due to bad hearing after my surgery I had several years ago.) I turned to look at my husband to see his eyes wide open and it hit us both — yes, we had both heard the voice. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I asked him what it said and he told me it sounded like a child’s voice saying “Hi” in a stretched out tone. I asked just to be sure if he knew what direction it came from and he echoed my own thoughts; it didn’t really come from anywere. It came from everywhere without being anywhere, if that makes any sense.

He then told me that he now knew something was here. He had felt something touch his foot a few nights ago around the same time of the night that we heard the voice. (I have never seen my husband as scared as he has been. He will not turn the light off to go to sleep now.) We tried to shrug it off and went to sleep. Two nights later, again around the same time, we noticed one of our cats staring out into the kitchen from our bedroom. A few minuets later, she and my husband jumped because a shadow passed across the light from our oven.

There is more. The day before yesterday, our other cat was standing by our kitchen table watching something move right by my husband. She followed it with her eyes, just as my other cat had. Yesterday, my sister-in-law was over and she has always been interested in this sort of thing. My mother-in-law has had her house blessed after many encounters with a spirit activity. We told my sister-in-law all about what has been going on. She stayed over last night and after we went to bed. I told my husband to just try and turn the light off. Five minutes later, our cal let out a growl after watching something moving in our room.

I told my husband just to turn the light back on. Something is really going on, but oddly, our four-year old old son seems to have no problems of any kind with this.

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