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Witness: Courtney Ely
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date of Encounter: August 2, 2005

"Great Uncle Mike was weird," some of my family said. He buried papers, kept every bit of junk he ever collected, and some people said he even buried his fortune. I never knew what to think, he was kind of weird. Actually, I never met him because he had a heart attack in the fields he was working in during the Summer of 1992 — a year before I was born.

I always got an eerie sensation when I came into Uncle Mike's house. It could have been a calendar hanging up that had the day marked that my dad told him I was going to be born or the old church wines he had, and no one knew how he got them. My dad told me that Uncle Mike would have loved me, that him and I would have been close.

After my 12th birthday, my parents bought me a digital camera with video recording and a camera built-in. A couple days after I got it, I wanted to experiment so I went to my Uncle Mike's old house with my parents.

I walked around the house with my mom wanting to capture any bit of information that this house was haunted but while video taping through the house I didn't find a thing. I was about ready to give up so I decided to take a picture of the window to show how pretty the curtains were, so I did. I was sitting in the back of my dad's truck outside waiting for my parents to come back out while I was reviewing what I had recorded. There was absolutely nothing! Just before I turned the camera off I thought, " What the heck? I'll check the digital pictures." And sure enough I was soon looking at a picture of a white smear and red blob when I had tried to look at the picture of the curtains in his bedroom. Sadly, in the process of trying to show the picture to my dad I deleted it, but I don't know if it was my fingers that wanted to delete it?

I'm not sure what I believe about Uncle Mike, but I do think him and I are close.

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