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Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile by Margaret StarbirdMary Magdalene, Bride in Exile
By Margaret Starbird
Publisher: Bear & Company (August 2005)
Pages: 182 includes a CD – Price: $20.00 review

What impressed me most about this well-researched nonfiction work is its accuracy and dedication to unmasking the myths surrounding Mary Magdalene. It breaks the code of silence the Catholic Church has forced on this remarkable woman. Included with this book is a 60-minute CD recording of Starbird’s lecture, “Mary Magdalene, Bride and Beloved.”

This book successfully achieves bringing together the areas of mythology, symbolism, heraldry, psychology, legend, and gospel history about Mary Magdalene. The information on medieval art and lore is outstanding, and rewarding reading, as is the entire book. The color plates of artwork by Georges de la Tour (1593 – 1652) are thoughtful aspects of Mary Magdalene. For a superb art work done in the year 2004, give a careful look and study of Mary Magdalene as painted by Jonathan Weber, Plate 22. There is also the unusual Plate 17, an interpretation of Mary Magdalene by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 – 1882).

Starbird covers the real relationship of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Magdalene is the true archetype of the Sacred Feminine. Despite the efforts of the Catholic Church to figuratively castrate Jesus into a sexless human, Starbird carefully and with courage shows this was not the case, and proves that Magdalene and Jesus were sexual beings and acted accordingly. This theme has readily been explored and examined in many recent books about the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Among the many topics covered are “Sophia, Spouse of the Lord” and “The Beloved Espoused.” The material shared with the readers makes for exciting reading.

Highly enjoyable reading, and if you like mysteries solved, this one should bring you much entertainment. This book will challenge the ideas you were given as a child, and expected to believe without question. After you read this fine book, you will question!

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