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Lucifer's Court: A Heretic's Journey in Search of the Light Bringers by Otto RahnLucifer’s Court: A Heretic’s Journey in Search of the Light Bringers
By Otto Rahn
Publisher: Inner Traditions (March 2008)
Pages: 242 – Price: $16.95 review

Translated from the German by Christopher Jones, this is Otto Rahn’s search through the realms of the occult for the Holy Grail. Rahn was born in Michelstadt, Germany in 1904 and recruited by the Nazi Himmler into the S.S. as a civilian archaeologist and historian. Quickly disillusioned with Nazis and Nazi Germany, he resigned and was shortly discovered dead. His death on March 13, 1939, was in the Tyrolean Mountains, and the death was deemed, officially, a suicide. To those who knew the archaeologist, he was murdered. He had proved to be an embarrassment to the Nazi leadership as its chief investigator of the occult.

Otto Rahn traveled and explored extensively in different parts of Europe, and in the caves and castles of southern France. His findings were remarkable. His research was the first to find and locate an alleged entrance to Hollow Earth in Iceland and the discovery of the true occult mission of the fallen angel known as Lucifer. His findings on the occult nature of the ancient Cathars were not what orthodox science believed, or were willing to tolerate.

Lucifer is seen as a Light Bringer, his true mission perverted and rewritten by church historians. Rahn’s findings put him in danger to many factions, including his Nazi employers.

The reader will find this book surprising, and it will stir up much controversy in its stated findings concerning the secrets of the Cathars, and who Lucifer was. If you are interested in occult history, and the role of Lucifer in that history, you will certainly find this book a fascinating reading experience!

This book was an interesting reading experience. Excellent. Highly recommended.

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