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Witness: CC
Location: Houston, Texas
Date of Encounter: March 14, 2011

A few days after the March 2011 quake in Japan, a brunette woman began appearing in my office building. I didn't sense distress from her, but I wondered how to help her.

I have seen her in other areas of the office so I know it's not just a window reflection. There is nothing frightening about her, I just don't want her stuck between worlds and would like to help her figure out where she is and where she needs to go.

I know that she is aware of me but she always disappears before I can communicate. I have told no one in my office about this.

Recently, we hired a new receptionist who said she keeps seeing a woman about to enter the office, but that the woman never opens the door. She also said that the woman is brunette. I just told the receptionist that the office windows sometimes reflect images of people who are down the main hall.

I don't feel comfortable telling anyone in the office about the things I see, but out of 10 people, at least two of us are seeing the same unexplained images. I don't know why she is drawn to a building in Texas, so far away from Japan. Perhaps she is looking for a certain person and can't find them.

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