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Witness: Amber
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Date of Encounter: December 2005

One day in December I skipped school and went to my boyfriend's house. His family had told me about the ghosts they had seen and it didn't really phase me because nothing had happened to me yet.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV and his dog, Shadow was on my lap sleeping. Well, I had turned the TV off because I was about to take a nap and right as I turned it off I felt someone touch my shoulder… the only people in the room were me and his dog. I got scared and was stiff. I turned around to make sure it wasn't his mom or anyone else and there was no one there. I started freaking out and then I heard a little girl say, "It's okay," and I got really confused. I started to lounge on the couch and then I looked into the glass of the entertainment center (you can see the reflection of the pantry in the glass). When I looked I saw a little girl about 9 years old with long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, wearing a white dress. She saw me looking at her and threw something on the ground. I moved to another couch so I couldn't see anything and she flipped over the vacuum cleaner by the door. By this time she was done getting my attention and wanted me to play with her. I heard a rattling in the dining room adjacent to the living room and I really didn't want to look in there, but I did anyway just to see what she was doing and making sure nothing was broken. I saw her standing on the dining room table with a doll in her hand just dancing and laughing — she wanted me to join her. I went up to the table and was about to get on it with her when suddenly I felt something throw me to the ground. I looked up and I saw a tall dark figure just consume the little girl until both figures were gone.

There is about 10 spirits and entities residing in their house including a family consisting of a mom, dad, two girls, and a little boy. The father of this family killed all three children and himself afterward. The mother hung herself after finding all four dead. The little girl I saw that day was part of that family and I'm guessing the dark figure was her father. I've seen many things happen in that house… everyone has. I haven't witnessed any activity since mid-January of this year, but there is definitely something in that house.

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