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Witness: Kari
Location: Akron, Ohio
Date of Encounter: 2007-2009

My family has been experiencing poltergeist activity for about two years now. We have lived in the home for four years and it all started out of nowhere two years ago. We have had a little of everything go on here. We had random items stacked on top each other, the entire upstairs of our house shook like an earthquake (just the upstairs), writing in some odd liquid (looked liked dried blood) on my daughter's room, hundreds of dead flies on our porch one morning, a loud bang on our bedroom door to where we thought someone was trying to bust through the door. We now keep it locked from the inside at night, and our two daughters (one is three and one is 11 months), also sleep in our room. Things have flown across the room right in front of us with a lot of force. I have heard my name called, there's been movement in the basement (the dryer door opening and closing on its own), and also things thrown down our stairs.

We have had two priests to the house to "bless" it. The first one didn't work at all, after the second one, it was pretty quiet until two weeks ago when my boyfriend and I were watching a movie, when both of us at the same time looked quickly to the landing of our stairs and saw a bright orange (like fire color) and bright green worm-like flash of light. We both looked at each other and thought, "Oh no, not again." It scares us because we have seen the power of whatever it is and we have actually had to change our lives around so that we feel safe. It's very frustrating to have something dictate how you live your life and to live in the fear of what's going to happen next, and is it going to hurt someone this time. I would really appreciate if someone had any suggestions on how to make this stop. Right now moving is out of the question due to finances.

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