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John DeeJohn Dee: 1527-1608
By Charlotte Fell Smith
Publisher: Ibis/Nicolas-Hays (December 2004)
Pages: 342 – Price: $55.00 review

This is the first complete biography of John Dee (1527 – 1608), the 14th century philosopher, scientist, and magician. There are eight detailed plates which illustrate John Dee’s works.

John Dee was involved in contacting spirits, and transcribing angelic language. He worked with Edward Kelly, and together, both men pioneered the world of spirits and angels, sharing their findings with the public. It was John Dee and his remarkable writings such as The Book of Mysteries and A True and Faithful Relation that have come down to us today with their startling findings. He is given credit for the starting the creation of England’s National Library and gave service to the royal court of England as a mathematician, Hermetic philosopher, astrologer, and astronomer.

Drawn from John Dee’s private diaries and works, Charlotte Smith gives the reader an in-depth look at this major figure in the history of the occult and the supernatural. That John Dee was able to contact spirits is a documented fact.

This book will have a great appeal to those interested in the paranormal. Dee had an impact and influence on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and other secret societies.

In addition to a fine introduction by R. A. Gilbert, there are twenty-three exciting chapters which allow the reader to understand John Dee the man and philosopher. A photograph of John Dee is in the book, and is a nice visual reference for those never having seen what the man looks like.

John Dee lived a most remarkable life. For those interested in the spirit world and the world of magick, this is a fine book to have in the home library. It is certainly a book the reader will want to have his or her Public Library order for its reading patrons.

Highly recommended. Well-written. John Dee is a memorable reading experience, one that can be savored again and again upon re-reading. Congratulations to Charlotte Fell Smith for a fine book, and one of the finest biographies ever written about one of the most important occult and supernatural writers to live. John Dee knew magick and how to use it. 

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