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Witness: Julia E. Sanchez
Location: New Mexico
Date of Encounter: January 30, 2004

One night I was watching TV in the dark when I noticed that on the wall facing me there was a square of light. There was nothing in it, just the square. I turned around to see where it might be coming from, but I couldn't see anything different. I looked at it a few more times, then I forgot about it went to bed. Later, I jolted awake, coughing, gasping, choking; it felt like there was something in my throat. Once I caught my breath and sat up, I knew what it was. My father, who is in spirit, does this to me to let me know that someone has passed over. He thinks it's hilarious and I get so mad at him because it's scary! Well, I guess it's good to know that you don't lose your sense of humor when you die!

Anyway, since I knew what this was for, I went into meditation to find out. And this is what I found: I had dated Jerry about 10 years ago and I hadn't really cared for him. He was hard to get rid of because he liked me a lot, but I finally got it though his head that we didn't have a future together. In the ensuing 10 years I thought of him maybe once or twice, but I never heard from him again. 

See, Jerry had drowned and for some reason my father helped him cross over, but Jerry wanted to come see me and tell me goodbye. That's what the square of light was, a window from the other side. When I found this out, I felt terrible, that he had cared for me so much but I hadn't reciprocated. But my teachers told me that that was the way it was supposed to be, we had contracted that I spurned him in this life. We both needed the lessons. And the reason we were so close is that we had been twins in several lives. 

So now I keep tabs on Jerry and know that he is doing well on the other side. He is learning to fly and he loves it. 

I will be very happy to know that I will see him on the other side when it's my time to go and it humbles me to know that I am so loved, just the way my father and mother love me. It's going to be great to be in Spirit. 

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