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Is There Life After Death? by Anthony PeakeIs There Life After Death?
By Anthony Peake
Publisher: Chartwell Books (August 2006)
Pages: 416 – Price: $9.99 review

Anthony Peake has a winner on his hands with this fine look at life after death. The book has one of the finest notes and bibliography sections for this type of book you would hope to find!

Peake has a candid, inquisitive style of writing which adds to the tone and clarity of this book in a vivid way which entertains and educates at the same time. Billed as the extraordinary science of what happens when we die, the reader will not be disappointed in what she or he discovers! Following the foreword by Professor Bruce Greyson and a prologue, there are fourteen concise chapters, which are concluded by an insightful epilogue.

Each chapter is a gem to observe and consider in regard to what lies ahead after death. I thought the chapters “Clues from History,” “The Guardian of Forever,” and “The Friend in the Shadows” remarkable in scope and memorable reading. The whole book is worth your time.

I highly recommend this book for its clarity, intent, and honest approach to life after death. You will definitely have much to think about when you read Peake’s fine book!

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