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How to Communicate With SpiritsHow to Communicate With Spirits
By Elizabeth Owens
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 2001)
Pages: 194 – Price: $9.95 review

Elizabeth Owens is a certified medium and ordained Spiritualist minister who lives in Florida. She has appeared on television networks such as CNN and programs like Current Affair. She currently resides at the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp at Cassadaga, Florida. In her book she accurately gives much helpful information for those interested in making spirit communication and contacting spirit guides.

An interesting approach found in this finely written nonfiction work is that it debunks a lot of myth about spirit communications. Step by step, the reader learns how to make contact with spirits. There is information given on how to classify and identify spirit guides and other entities.

There are eleven chapters in the book. Additionally, there is an appendix, glossary, suggested reading section, and a concise index.

Each chapter which follows the helpful preface and introduction will give the readers of the paranormal what they need to make contact. Material covered includes defining spirit guides, understanding spirit, when spirit manifests, relatives as guides, your band of personal guides, discerning spirit, first awareness, phenomena, not playing games, getting started, and meditations for communication.

Chapter eleven concerning meditations for communication is extremely helpful and will do much to help the reader make contact. Also, the chapter on getting started is excellent reference material.

This book is highly recommended for its straight-ahead approach, and for its honesty. A book to have in your library, and in your favorite public library for patron reference on the paranormal. An enjoyable and educational reading experience makes this book among the best of its kind currently published.

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