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Witness: (name withheld)
Location: San Roman and Edinburg, Texas
Date of Encounter: November 23 2001 and February 15 2003

In all my life I've had two separate encounters. The first was in a little town called San Roman, we were leasing some land for whitetail deer season. My dad dropped me off at my hunting blind at approximately 5:30 am., it was still dark and I was drinking my coffee. All of a sudden I could hear someone breathing right next to me, I couldn't figure out what the noise was so I turned on my flashlight — there was nothing there! As soon as I turned my flashlight off, the breathing began again. At this point I was very scared — I had my rifle in my hands and my finger right by the trigger. All I could do was talk to my dad on our walkie talkies. Well, the breathing never stopped until it got daylight — I was so relieved. To this day I haven't been able to come up with a rational answer to the noise, but I have an idea. The owner of the ranch died the year before, so I guess his spirit was still there tending the land and having a little fun. All I know is that I was scared as hell!

The second encounter happened at my very own home. I was watching a program about ghosts on the History Channel while laying in my bed, then all of a sudden a penny from out of nowhere went crashing into my wall — as if something or someone was very angry! I jumped out of my bed and ran to my parents' room. When I told them about the incident they believed me because the sound from the penny hitting the wall was heard in their room. My mom said she thought that I was throwing darts around, I said "Hell no, a penny just hit my wall, it came out of nowhere!" I don't know what that was all about, but it sure scared me! Now I look around my room for loose change before I do anything!

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