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Witness: Stacy
Location: Riverside, California
Date of Encounter: October 26, 2007

I believe my deceased father whom passed when I was very young, visits me often. I also believe the home I live in has a lot of paranormal activity. Most activity seems to be very late night or very early morning. Mostly annoying things like, if I lock a door I'll find it unlocked, or I'll shut a door and find it open. I also hear footsteps in the late night in the kitchen, and in my daughter's room, sometimes myself and my husband have heard sounds of her toys being played with. For example, blocks or her magic wand. We see shadow-like figures pass up and down the hallway, and many many times I've felt a hand touch my face while I'm sleeping. I've also felt someone or something sit on the bed next to me, that I believe to be my father, the other things I'm unsure of who they are.

Today was really weird, I was watching TV in my room, and from the hallway I heard someone say, "Right here." Last week while in the kitchen I heard from the hallway area someone say, "Hey." I have had my name called out while I was in the shower once, and another time my husband was watering the back yard, I was just out of the shower, and towel drying my hair when I heard someone say, "Blondie girl," that time it was just like right there in front of me. I thought my husband had come back inside, but he was still out back watering. And as I'm typing this, I keep hearing little noises from my daughter's room. I would like to invest in a voice recorder and leave it recording while we sleep just to see what I could pick up. Could you recommend a good recorder? I try to pretend I don't hear these things, my husband says we shouldn't be scared by them, but I am. And I'm always trying to put it out of my mind. I can't ignore what is going on any longer, so I've decided to investigate instead. I have heard and seen things ever since I was a child, maybe somebody wants to convey a message. I don't know, but I want to find out.

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