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Witness: Hazzell Quintanilla
Location: Walnut Creek, California
Date of Encounter: June 14, 1991

My husband, our three-year-old son, and I moved from San Francisco, California to Walnut Creek, California. My husband left to work and I was left alone with our son in the apartment we rented at that time. A week had passed by since we moved in and I forgot to write postcards to friends and family members to let them know we had moved and give them our new address and phone number. Since my father lives in Toronto, Canada and letters take a week or so to get to him, I decided to write him a short letter and let him know of our address and some strange things that happened to me while we moved to the apartment.

I told him that one afternoon while my little one was sound a sleep and my husband was at work, I took a shower and of course locked the doors and windows. While finishing taking a shower I heard someone say my name three times so I got out to see if my husband had arrived from work. I took a peek in the bedroom and asked for my husband, "Jose, are you home?" Then I moved to the kitchen and then the living room, but there was no sign of him anywhere. I felt strange and decided to go about my business and disregard the event.

A week later my father called me with the sad news of the death of my grandpa — exactly the same day that I heard someone saying my name three times. My dad told me that he was at my grandfather's bedside the day he passed away and his last words were my name three times! My grandpa past away in Chinandega, Nicaragua, Central America.

So I do believe in last good-byes, specially from dear ones. 

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