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Witness: Greenishblue22
Location: North Dakota
Date of Encounter: 2011-2012

Me and several family members have had encounters while at my parents house. My daughter is two years old and we stay at my their place alot because of the odd hours I work.

One morning at about 10 am, my daughter and I were sleeping in my mother’s room. We were the only ones home for everyone else was at work. We were laying there, just talking. The room was pretty dim, but could still see everything except the walk-in closet, which was pitch dark. I sat up on the bed and looked where the ceiling meets the wall. There was what looked like a big black misty cloud. It was as long as the crib beneath it and I could tell it went out about a foot or so from the wall.

I stared at it for about a minute and then it moved across the ceiling until it was right above me. Thenm, it shot into the walk-in closet. I grabbed my daughter and ran out.

One other time my mom was with my daughter, again in her bedroom. The room was almost pitch dark and they were trying to get to sleep. All of the sudden over in the corner of the room, she saw a ball of blue light that floated there. She said it then shot into the closet again.

My daughter also has had a few times where we give her a bath (the bathroom is right next to my parent’s bedroom). She was playing and laughing like usual. Suddenly, she looked at the ceiling and get scared and wanted out of the bath immmediately. Another time, I sitting next to the bath and she was playing. Like before, she stopped, looked up at the ceiling, and said “Uh oh, monster fall in!” She kept staring up there and then got upset and wanted out of the bath right then.

One other time, my mother was watching my daughter while I was at work. They were both trying to fall asleep. My daughter said, “What’s that?” and pointed. When my mom looked over, she said that she saw a blue spark. This house was built in the 1970s and no one has died in this house that we know of. My parents bought it from the owners who built it. I have no idea what was here before that.

None of us really feel threatened by this thing, but we get feelings of being watched and hear alot of strange noises. I never feel like we are in danger.

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