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Witness: Anonymous
Location: Australia
Date of Encounter: June 2010 through March 2011

Hey guys, I've been having unexplainable experiences and thought I would finally open up about it and ask for opinions on what you think this may be. I have been recording a diary and will detail happenings as they have occurred.

I shifted to a new apartment in June 2010. I removed all of the furnishings and brought in my own stuff. That evening, I completed the apartment to my liking. I fell asleep in my own bed and dreamt of my own room as it was. I also felt a presence lie down beside me and chat for a long time.

I woke up suddenly and felt the presence walk out the bedroom door. I was crying and knew this was something more than a dream. Funny thing was I could not recall anything it had said.

A few weeks later, I felt that I was sexually attacked while I slept. I was asleep on my couch and once again, I just felt something. Like the dream in my bedroom, I saw my lounge room and I felt an evil presence. And, once again, I suddenly woke up when it stopped, and I was very scared.

The next experience occurred when I was sleeping in the spare bedroom. I suddenly awoke in the middle of the night and looked beside me. I saw a quick glimpse of a man standing right beside the bed! My heart raced and I quickly turned and hid under the blanket.

I had a friend stay here one night. We had spoken with an older man in the complex earlier that day. He talked about a guy who killed his wife when he discovered that she was having an affair. I took no notice at the time. Later that night, my friend and I were lying down when my friend starting talking about it.

All a sudden, I freaked right out! I got goose bumps and tears flowed from my eyes really badly. I couldn't contain myself and I don't know why.

Since then I have seen dark shadows here and there beside the bed. They always wake me up. It's strange because I am usually a very heavy sleeper.

I also feel sexually attacked in my sleep now and then. It has been getting worse and worse and now I can no longer stand the torment I go through. I had an English translated Q'uran that I was given years ago, I am not very religious but I believe in God. This Qu'ran has gone walkabouts and I cannot find it anywhere!

Ever since then I have really been thinking about it and I know that something evil is here. It's scaring me more regularly between the hours of 11pm-5am, especially when I'm asleep.

In the last week I have had it in my dreams just about every night. I first dreamt that my father, who past away 4 years ago, was at the end of my bed, and he was visible dead. He scared me! In my dream, I was screaming for help.

The next night I dreamt my mother had passed away outside of a church and that my daughter was stuck outside of a priest's house. The dream then turned more dramatic and was once again back in my house. In it, I walked into my bathroom and an old family friend that I have not seen in years was naked, covered in blood, and dead on the floor. Another family friend was leaning over her trying to wipe away the blood.

Also in my dream was my daughter's aunty. She is a straight clean girl, but in the dream she was crazy on drugs and talking to herself in my lounge room. My mum was trapped in my daughter's bedroom and I could feel an invisible force keeping me from entering the bedroom. It was trying to throw me out of the side door and over the balcony.

I suddenly awoke once again crying my eyes out. I couldn't get back to sleep. The next night, I slept with a cross above my bed and there was no weird activity. The next night, I slept with my daughter. Once again, I dreamt of that same room with an invisible force harming me. I felt pinching and punches! It was horrible! I remember yelling and screaming for it to leave. I said, "You can't hurt me! God will protect me."

Bang! I woke up instantly!

The next night, I fell asleep on the couch. I decided to put on the surveillance camera to watch what happens while I sleep. This is what I saw in my dream: I could see my whole lounge room and behind where the camera is was where the invisible force appeared. It said, ÒYou will never see me! Hahaha.Ó It took the form of my mum,

I said, "What do you want?!" It told me but I can't remember what it said although I remember everything else.

Then, it suddenly took the form of all sorts of things like scary puppets and animals. It just kept changing from one thing to another. Once again I instantly awoke at 4 am, scared out of my wits. I looked back at the footage. There was nothing besides me tossing and turning constantly.

I finally went to see a spiritual worker and he believes that it is an entity. He gave me a sage stick and told me to give it a go. So that is what I am about to do. He says if it doesn't away that he will come out and do it for me.

So this is my experience in the apartment where I am currently living. I am getting out of here as soon as possible. I am sick of feeling drained of energy and all the other negative emotions I've been feeling of late.

In the past, I have had experiences but nothing like this. I find it very strange that this presence won't show itself to me. And when it does, it comes in the form of a family member or scary looking creature. I also hate that it targets me in my sleep.

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