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Witness: Teri from Lindsey
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date of Encounter: mid- to late-1980s

When I was about 10 or 11 I somehow inherited a large, antique oval mirror. It's meant to sit on a dresser or a vanity table, but one never came with it. My mother told me that it was my grandmother's (her mother) and had belonged to my great grandmother prior to that. For several years it sat on the floor leaning against my bedroom wall and served as a full length mirror (I'm a very short person, 4'11").

By the time I was 14 or 15 I started hanging around with the Goth kids at school, adopting much of the behavior and essentially, becoming a Goth, you know, black clothes, white make up, depressing music, dark writing, candles… the works. My entire room was filled with candles of all descriptions, and I used them for lighting instead of the overhead light or my table lamp.

One day, I was in my room, grounded for some silly teenage thing I had done, and the room was lit by the candles. I was seated in front of my antique mirror, toying with a particular eyeliner technique that my friend did that I thought was ultra-cool. I was so absorbed in this activity that I didn't notice at first that my room was suddenly very, very cold. I had goosebumps. Now, I'm the type of person that must have her room/space well heated, I get cold easy. So I got up and went out into the hallway to the thermostat. No one had turned it down. I shrugged and went back to my room, it was still very, very cold. And it felt like someone was, well….watching me. I was freaked, and felt like whatever it was came from that mirror. I flicked on the lights witch and blew out the candles. Then I moved the mirror to the spare room and left it there. I didn't explain to my mother as to why. I do still have that mirror, I have it on my dresser now, the frame has been painted to match. I just don't light candles near it or even in the same room as it anymore. To this day I have no idea what it was.

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