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Witness: James Gebhardt
Location: New Hope, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: Unknown

When I worked at an Inn in New Hope, PA as a live-inn housekeeper, I always knew exactly how many guests we had at the house. I always took time out to talk to each guest, trying to remember who they were and their names for the next morning when I served breakfast, That night I knew we only had one room left unoccupied and I always felt relieved to have even one less room to clean in the 8 room Inn. I knew that all of the guests were in their rooms one night, and I looked down the hall, to see a man in coat-tails look up the long stairway to the upstairs of the old house. I thought that he looked upset, because he bolted upstairs, two steps at a time. I remember thinking at the time, that the manager, or the Inn Keeper may have checked this last guest in, and he was possibly part of a wedding. I told the manager the next day that I wasn’t looking forward to cleaning all the rooms. He said "What are you talking about? You don’t have to clean all the rooms, only seven were rented," he said in a voice that I could only describe as annoyed.

Confused, I asked him who the man in the gray coat was, that bolted upstairs last night, was he one of their friends? He wasn’t any of the guests that I had checked in… I knew that for sure. When I told the manager about the gray-coated man he looked at me, like well… like he had seen a ghost. The manager said, "Don’t tell me that, I don’t wanna hear anymore about this…" Still confused I said, "What do you mean?  He wasn’t a guest?"  He said "Oh, No! Its Ann Miller (the movie star) all over again! She stayed here and started talking like this." Apparently others had seen this ghost before, and there was an old newspaper story on the wall about a ghostly soldier staying at the Inn, or something like that.

I’m just really, really glad that I didn’t realize that the ghost was a ghost, or I wouldn’t have been able to sleep that night in my room on the top floor. I also had nights in the Inn where I was sure somebody was watching me, standing right over me. I used to hear very loud, almost insanely loud ringing sounds in my ears at the time. I  remember thinking how cruel that was, that loud ringing sound, and I wondered if I was going to die, the energy was very, very strong. I was always uncomfortable after that and couldn’t stand to have the vacuum cleaner on, because I felt cut-off from the real world when I was in the Inn by myself. Evening Magazine did a story when I was still working there too, about the best Inn in New Hope and they put a bit in the story about the ghost too.

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