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Witness: Geri Albea and Meghan Patton
Location: San Francisco, California
Date of Encounter: October 11-13, 2008

My daughter and I love the "unexplained" and ghostly experiences. For Fall break, we took a 3-day trip to San Francisco. We did all of the fun stuff, Ghost Walk, City Tour, Alcatraz, Winchester Mystery House, etc. Our "ghostly" experiences occurred at the hotel we stayed in, the Hotel Majestic. The oldest continuously run hotel in San Francisco. Our room was 307.

The first morning at breakfast, my daughter saw a black mist in the shape of a man sitting at an empty table; when I turned around, I saw it floating down the aisle (we were told by the hotel staff that no supernatural experiences had ever been reported in the dining room). The next morning we woke up and our bathroom window was wide open (a normal experience for this room according to the hotel staff). The window is old and not easily raised; my daughter could not have opened it as wide as it was; I couldn't even get it opened that wide. On our last night in the hotel, we were sitting on our bed talking about our trip and for the fun of it, we said to the ghost, "If you are really here, can you turn the TV off?" We were in the middle of the bed and the remote was on the bedside table. The TV turned off and then back on twice in response to our question. No other electrical (lights, etc.) changes occurred; only the TV going off and then coming back on. Of note, my daughter was 9 years old at the time. The elevator in the hotel was old (as the hotel is old), but she refused to get it. She always took the stairs up and down when we left our room. I didn't feel anything unusual or uncomfortable about the elevator, but Meghan didn't want anything to do with it and could not tell me why. If any other subscribers have any experience with this hotel, I would love to hear the stories! Needless to say, my daughter was very satisfied with her trip to San Francisco!

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