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Witness: Elio
Location: El Salvador
Date of Encounter: January, 2000

I’m 28 and from El Salvador. My house in my town is haunted. For years, since a family member that built it died, people (myself included) have heard footsteps in the upstairs room. What is common now is the pulling of covers from sleeping people and the sound of a tired, panting dog walking around one’s bed in the pitch dark. Of course the doors are locked and when we turn the lights on there is nothing to see. I cannot fathom what a tired dog has to do with my dead relative, but believe me, it has frightened me a lot. The haunting seems to be directed at me. These are the things that I encounter at night:

  • Pulling of covers off me by invisible hands.
  • Spraying of "fake" water droplets on my face.
  • The sound of a tired dog breathing heavily inches from my face (I never actually feel its breath).
  • Cold drafts and the feeling of hands caressing my legs and ribs.
  • Something scares the hens off  trees at night, it is not predators. The same thing also scares our cattle. People tell me animals sense the presence of the spirit.
  • The feeling of strange presences in front of my bed and my cowardice in not opening my eyes to look at them.

Lots of other people have experienced these things in my house but it seems to happen to me more often. For sure I will experience more phenomena and I will write to you again, bye.

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