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Witness: Sylvia
Location: California
Date of Encounter: 27 years ago

I have two daughters and one has always had demonic dreams of torment and torture. She has seen spirits before but only one she recognised as our Lord Jesus Christ. She saw him when she was six or seven years old, and he was speaking to her not with words but through thought.

As the years have gone by, she has woken up with scratch marks on the center of her back. She even felt them as they occurred!

Now she is grown and has three boys, and one is just as haunted as she is. He wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and calling out for my daughter. Sometimes, he sleep walks and turns on the gas stove. It is challenging having to monitor his every sleeping hour. And being too afraid to fall asleep in fear that he will wake up screaming.

This first started happening when he was merely three months old. She had just put him down for his nap so she could do the daiy house cleaning when she go this eerie feeling that something was not right in the house and that she needed to check on the baby.

It was then that she saw something so terrifying and shocking. What she saw when she walked into her son’s room was that the pull down blind cords where completely wrapped around the baby and tied in knots! They were so tight that she had to get a pair of scissors to cut him loose.

I am scared that my daughter may be taken away from me as she and I have dreams of death. We have them either on the same night or a day or two apart. But the dreams are almost always the same.

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