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Haunted Battlefields and Gothic Ghost Stories
By A. S. Mott
Publisher: Ghost House Books (August 2004)
Pages: 216 – Price: $10.95

Ghost Stories of London
By Edrick Thay
Publisher: Ghost House Books (August 2004)
Pages: 224 – Price: $10.95

Victorian Ghost Stories
By Jo-Anne Christensen
Publisher: Ghost House Books (March 2004)
Pages: 238 – Price: $10.95 review

Three different ghost books from the same publisher, a publisher who knows how to do it right. Each book is full of thrills and chills. Each book will have a wide appeal for all readers.

From Gothic Ghost Stories, dark and haunting themes prevail! Examples include how a psychiatrist who learns empathy can be dangerous, a man seeks to help a lovely girl he once knew and finds greater pain than he could have imagined, and other stories of revenge, hatred, desperation, and love.

From Ghost Stories of London, the city is the setting for the macabre. Examples include how a mysterious force throws a cloak over a guard’s head in the armory of the Tower of London, and a famous stage actor revisits the Adelphi Theatre for an otherworldy encore.

Victorian Ghost Stories is a collection of haunted stories from what is often seen as the golden age of the paranormal. Psychic mediums, the Fox Sisters, the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, and others are among the central characters.

The authors of these books give the reader an entertaining journey. Good and solid, each book is a delight to read, and re-read. Not a dull moment in any of these stories!

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