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Witness: Isabella
Location: New River, Arizona
Date of Encounter: August 2010

My family has always been real big fans of pets. When I was in my mother’s stomach, our cat, Sheba, laid down beside my mom and put her paw on my mom’s swollen belly. I know that she knew this I was in my mother’s tummy.

Sheba (now at an old age of seventeen, which is old for a cat) will go sniff the floor where my other cat, Bleu, died. Sheba also stands by the treat dish and waits, begging, just like Bleu did.

Sometimes I see just a glimpse of Bleu. I had a small dream of him with me at a pet store. He was there waiting for me to take him in my arms!

Bleu always smelled like cookies! Three nights after he passed, I woke up smelling cookies and wondered if mom had made some. But I went down and realized that it was just Bleu. I used to always sneeze when his tail got in my face. This Halloween (which happened to be his birthday), I had the biggest sneeze ever! Would you believe that on my nose was a small gray cat hair — just like Bleu’s.

Now, whevever I sneeze, I feel that my beloved Bleu is sending me fur.

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