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Witness: Debbie
Location: St. Helens, Merseyside, UK
Date of Encounter: 2006

I was working in a renovated cottage and experienced lots of noises, raps, rattles, doors opening and closing, and experienced strange smells. I went in one morning to find a box of leaflets upturned with the box on top, then I experienced a loud rap on the glass of one of the fire doors. I then walked through the hallway and felt a feather-like stroke across the side of my face, then a blowing noise in my left ear.

The following week I found a breast lump (on my left side) which was later diagnosed as breast cancer.

In hospital, the night of my surgery, the nurse came to the lady in the next bed — her name was Mrs. Chadwick — that was my grandmother's name who I had been very close to and had died three years earlier. The Lady in the opposite bed turned out to be Mrs. Critchley, which was my other grandmother's name who was also deceased. I truly believe my grandmother was in that cottage trying to get my attention to make me realize I had breast cancer. I was very lucky. The cancer was caught early and I didn't require any further treatment!

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