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Witness: Jeanne
Location: Woodbury, Minnesota
Date of Encounter: 2001

I have always been very aware of forces around me. I was seven when my grandfather was taken to the hospital. A blow of sadness came over me and I knew he was never going to return. I blurted out to my aunt that “Papa” had died and would never return. Just after saying this my parents came home and told us sadly that Papa” died. I knew right away that Papa had come to say goodbye to me.

As my life progressed a lot of little things started happening. In the early 80s my grandmother passed, at that time my husband and I were renting a duplex from her. Since a lot of people had come from out of town they wanted to expedite her estate as soon as possible. Immediately after the funeral her house was cleaned out and put on the market. My husband and I stayed on until they could sell it. About two weeks later I was home alone, my husband worked nights and only me and my dog were there. At about 2 AM I started hearing sounds in her apartment. At first my dog started to growl but then he fell silent. Since I was the only one home I originally thought that there might be burglars looking for something to steal so I called the police. They told me to wait in my apartment until they could get there. Meanwhile in my grandmother’s apartment it sounded like bedlam. Drawers were being opened and closed and doors were being slammed. When the police came and we entered her apartment, nothing was amiss and all became quiet. The officer told me that there was no forced entry. The door was double bolted and unless someone else had a key, they could not have gotten in. They left and about a half hour later the noise starts in again. I called the cops, they come out, but no one there. By this time I am hysterical and called my husband home from work. While I was waiting for his return the front door opened and slammed shut so hard that the plates of glass on my living room windows shattered. I definitely felt that it was my grandmother going. I wonder what she may have been searching for. Maybe she became mad because everything was gone. I’ve had some other things happen and I feel as if the undead are drawn to me. I will write again soon and tell you about the haunted apartment.

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