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Witness: Nancy
Location: Delhi, New York
Date of Encounter: April 12, 1996

My daughter's 19th birthday was approaching and she was away at college. I decided to send her a nice bouquet of flowers on her special day, since we would not be visiting her and she would not be coming home until the weekend. She called that day to thank me for them. I asked her if she would take a picture of them so I could see what they looked like. She did, and got the pictures developed at the local store. Her close girlfriend who knew her well and had been friends with her for several years opened the envelope and started going through the pictures. Upon coming up on the pictures of the flowers she pointed out to my daughter that it looked like a man was in the corner of the picture looking at her. My daughter looked at the picture and told her friend the man looked like her grandfather who had passed away 5 years earlier. Upon further examination of the picture when my daughter came home, I too saw my dad in the picture. Also, from time-to-time my daughter would hear things moving in her closet in her dorm room. One of her other friends would never stay in the room alone and always felt like something was there. Another friend always lit a candle and kept it burning when they stayed overnight. After graduating college and working for a couple of years, a co-worker of my daughter was going to see a psychic and offered to take the picture with her and see what the psychic thought of the picture. She told the co-worker it was an image of an elderly man who was very close to my daughter, possibly a grandparent! The co-worker then put the picture in an envelope in her purse so she could return it to my daughter the next day. When the coworker arrived at work and advised my daughter what the psychic told her, she searched her purse, but the envelope and picture were gone. The co-worker was positive no one else touched the picture and searched her home and car just to be sure it did not fall out of the purse but she never found it. My daughter did have double prints made of each photo that she gave to me. I also searched and searched and found the other photos on the roll of film that were developed except for the one with the image of my dad. That one photo was never found.

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