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Witness: Leighton Jackett
Location: Greely, Ontario Canada
Date of Encounter: October 1998

I grew up on Highway 31, in my great grandparent's house. My grandmother and grandfather put a lot of work into our house, our gardens, and our yard, so we all loved the house a lot. 
My grandfather was a fourth generation landscape painter, and he was a painter by trade. He was well known in the Greely area and Ottawa. He did the backgrounds for a children's show in the 50's maybe called "Pencilbox" (Alfred Schultes).
When I was eight, he decided to join his wife, who went into a retirement home a year earlier — so he regrettably looked into selling our house. A friend of my mom's, who my grandfather knew very well, went for a walk with my grandfather one day to talk about buying the house. My grandfather loved the house very much and was so sad to leave it. He told my mom's friend that he would sell it to him if he promised to leave the painting that was over our fireplace there. (I imagine so that a piece of him could stay there at the house.)

So, the house was sold and the painting was left there. My Grama died and a very short time after, my Grampa followed — this was in 1990. In October 1998 — I was in the area with a friend, I wanted so much to show them my old house. So we went there, and I told the people who I was, and they happily invited my friend and I in. After sitting down in the living room, I noticed they had a painting of Grampa's above the fireplace, and naturally I was really excited and said, "Oh wow! You have one of Grampa's paintings!" That's when they were excited to tell me that a couple years after Grampa sold the house to them, my mom's friend and his wife decided to take the painting down for whatever reason. (That was fine, right? — it's their house anyways!) But a day or two after the painting was taken down my mom's friend and his wife started hearing "noises" around the house. To be honest — they didn't specify exactly what it was they heard — but this happened for about a week, and it started to make them feel really spooked. They decided to try putting my Grampa's painting back up. (Feeling really silly for believing that it was a ghost) But they put it back up anyways, and the noises stopped! 

To me — that's really exciting. Everyone likes to hear about ghosts — and I'm really proud to say that my Grampa came back from his work in his afterlife to say "Hey! We made a promise!" That's awesome! 

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