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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Singapore
Date of Encounter: 1995

I was age 14 and was up most of the night. I was feeling very down due to family problems. There were no more shows on the TV, and I glanced at the clock, which read 4:20a AM (I remember the time well as I had stayed up so late). I walked to the kitchen window to look at the opposite apartment block and wanted to count how many lights were still on — usually about a handful at that hour. I was staying on the 15th floor. The apartment carpark was dark below (of course there are the streetlights). Why I looked down at the carpark is natural as my eyes just sweep from the opposite block to below. It was easy to see it/him/her. Let me just use "him" as it was not an object like a wall pillar or whatnot. He was dressed in a white robe/cloth that went from the top of the head to the ground. Yes, I am short-sighted, at that time, my myopia (short-sightedness) was perhaps 200 degrees around there. I had on my specs — I can see clearly with my specs. I tried to see if there was a head or anything other than white, but the way I saw him was all white. And then, the way he moved. I have not roller-bladed before, but I use this to describe the way he moved. He looked like he was blading a short distance of between two- to three-meters to and back gracefully at perfect timing.

Yes, just now, when I recalled this encounter, I Googled more than an hour of a skating apparition on the Internet to read similar descriptions, but I could not find any true encounter. It made me frustrated and wanted to share this viewing with you all. And there was a feeling when I stared at him "blading," it was a feeling of sadness. I do not know why sadness. But the way he moved was like sorrowful about something, like those great scholars/poets of olden days moving to and back and pondering on something. After just a short while of this, my dad who had been sleeping got up suddenly and went to the toilet that was just by this window. He looked down as well and seemed to stare a while. I was glad as I would not be a lone witness of this apparition. I decided to stop looking at it and I cannot recall if I was afraid of it the whole night or perhaps it's because I was 15 floors above "him" far away, or how I could fall asleep without being scared or what, as my own troubles at that time were overwhelming and I had (in those days) temptations of suicide.

The next day I checked with my dad. I asked him if he was staring at that white apparition too? He answered no, to my surprise and exclusiveness. I asked him then why did he stare for a while. He said that he was looking at a person getting out of a taxi to see if that was my elder sister. I next asked him did he see a white thing? He answered no. So only I saw it. That was the only apparition (touch wood!) I saw to date. I am certain I saw this white cloth moving. My house had Buddhist worship idols at that time. At the time of this sighting, I accredited him as a ghost. I was water-baptized as a Christian in 2008. This was a very simple encounter with the specter. It was special and out of this world. And I do not know what he was or who. And why at that point in time, I could see him. If you have a similar story or explanation, do tell me. This story is for your keeping. I thought for a while to share it as it is not something I want to magnify on, and it will be posted here for a long time. I am sharing it as I am able to describe things well and I am the type who does not exaggerate and I believe I saw "him" who was not a human as my dad didn't see it. So at least you have another real story here.

I just want to unload this encounter across to you who are welcoming such encounters because not many people have seen them before. I asked my circle of friends and they have never seen a white specter before. I have told some people of this viewing. My dad and sister had claimed they saw, but I couldn't vouch for what they saw save that theirs were also white. My dad saw it on a tree in a park he jogs in at dawn, my sis saw it after midnight also at an apartment carpark. I could only be sure what I saw with my own eyes so — my encounter.

**Note: The only reasonable explanation I can give of this specter is that there was an opera stage below (that in our tradition was performance for the ghosts to see), and these stage performers wear an inner lining of white robe, so unless it is one such person, but then, comes up another question… why would a human being glide in front and behind instead of pace the steps? And from my top view, even the head was white? And at that time, why the performer was gliding in the middle of the entry road of the carpark? The performance ends by 11:00 PM.

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