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Witness: Michael Wright
Location: Milton, Florida
Date of Encounter: April 2009

Ghost picture in Milton, Florida

This photograph is amazing photograph of a young girl in a peach dress by the trees. The story goes like this:

It was about six days before Easter of this year. I was out walking around on our property, which is known to be haunted. I normally take a spot in the back yard by one of our large statues that are standing at on the ground. I pull up a chair and sit down to talk with the spirits for awhile .Whenever there are holidays coming up, I tell the spirits. They have no way of knowing what's going in the world of today. They only know what was going on at the time while they were on this earth. So time-to-time I let them know who the president is, what is going on in the world, and what year it is.

So on this particularly night it was around 2 AM, it was around 50 degrees. I was talking to the spirits and telling them what was going on in the world, and telling them that we have a holiday called Easter, and it's coming up soon. I'm not sure if you had it in your time or not.

Our property dates back as far as the 1600's. It was once an old Spanish slave cemetery from the time when Pensacola, Florida, was discovered by the Spanish in 1556. I was telling them how our ladies of our life of today dress with different colors in beautiful dresses and fancy hats. I asked if they ever wore colorfully dresses or hats.

I was talking to the lady spirits and asked, "Could you show me what you wore to church when you went with your family?" I took several pictures and this is what I caught. First I thought I caught a peach orb until I got back into the house and downloaded the pictures onto my laptop.

I was shocked, This was the first time that I have ever caught anything this outstanding. I have caught some great manifestations, but this takes it all.

Here you will see this young lady in her peach dress. Look close and you will even see her little peach bow in her hair, I tell you that every time I see this photograph it amazes me what I caught on my Sony Cyber-Shot 10.1 camera.

Look close, you might even see her dark black silky hair flowing down her back.

If you don't have the 3-D effect on your computer yet, you need to download it from the Net. It will make all photos that you look at come alive. Once you have this effect on your computer you will never go back to the normal way.

This photo was taken in Milton, Florida on my property which I call

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