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Words from a child are at times more valuable then any scientist or lecturer can ever establish. While attending the service of a dear friend whose earthly plan completed with tremendous gifts, his daughter shared with us the valuable words from her own three year old daughter regarding her grandfather. As tears flowed down her face, she looked out into the congregation and told of receiving the heartbreaking phone call that dad had passed. Although he had been battling the deterioration of his earthly shell for several months, he remained strong for the family. She then shared that as she wept in loving sadness, her young daughter said something that brought her comfort. With the eyes of an angel and the tiny voice of faith, the little one looked at her and said

“Mommy, grandpa is happy and ok now.”

The amazing beauty within the interior walls of the church seemed to me as being overshadowed by these simple but amazing words from a child. Even as the priest voiced the scriptures of faith and comfort from our loving creator, I felt as though the words from an innocent child continued to remain as an example of the gifts we are given. I looked down the empty pew from where I sat and smiled, as I too felt the same.

Children appear to be very perceptive to life’s energies, and I feel as it is due to the pure spirit that we are all created with. Each one of us is unique upon creation, with a spirit within created to enjoy life and life-everlasting. Our creator has so much love for us that we are each also given a unique earthly shell (or body) for which we are to continue along our earthly path. A child is created with characteristics (physically and psychologically) of the parents, as though to remind us of the beauty of family and the importance of the love from a family. Our energy (or spirit) is although, unique like no other.

When created, this energy is pure of thought and perception. As a newborn creation, we are uncorrupted by the earthly thoughts and description. We are able to perceive the energy and spirit, undaunted by the world around us. Remember the “imaginary friend” you had or your child may have? Young children appearing to have “heard or seen” someone that supposedly has moved on? As one grows older, I feel that society gives us lessons to “block” this perception. We are told as a child that what we see or hear are “imagination and coincidence” or to “just ignore, it is not real” and therefore begin to block the ability to perceive. We each still have the ability to perceive, but we tend to “block” this ability that is within us. As an adult, can you recall having a “gut-feeling” not to do something? If you are female, have you ever had “women’s intuition?” I feel that during these moments we are simply utilizing the gift that we are given when created.

As I left the beauty and serenity of the church, I knew that my friend had heard the words spoken. I also felt that as his daughter shared with us the words from his granddaughter, he was standing there next to her smiling and nodding his head. His granddaughter knew he was happy and ok, and with his loved ones forever.

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