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Witness: Rob Balmer
Location: Gympie, Queensland Australia
Date of Encounter: 1999-2001

I was a cleaner at Gympie Library for two years and the things that happened are true. I met the spirit of a small girl who was about eight years old, she was dressed in her favorite Sunday school clothes and is a pretty girl.

I met her standing on the steps one night as I was to clean and I have met her at the side of my bed many a morning. She follows me all over, we have heard her make sounds also.

in Gympie Library there is a cheeky old guy from Lancashire, England who was a miner who passed away aged 77, he told me he has been there since the new library opened. His name is Freddy and he hates Yorkshiremen as I am one and he comes from Lancashire, England.

In the history room in another guy from Ireland called "Paddy," also a miner and there is a real beaut of a lady with him — not his wife, but again some one who came with the books. She's from Victorian time and is dressed all in white. Paddy is from the same time but he is a very strong man and will never leave the room — Freddy and paddy don't get on.

I was in the kitchen cleaning when I heard the work mate call me. I went down the hall to ask him what he wanted and he said, "I didn't call you." We went back to the kitchen and the cups had been moved and a jumper was on the table that had been cleaned before.

I asked Freddy who had done this — he said it was him trying to get my attention. I got a medium friend of mine in and we found the three ghosts and at least 50 children, dogs, cats, snakes, and farm animals too.

But one hell of a lot more people ghosts in there. I don't work there now but when I go in the day time I feel them all over. Freddy and Paddy are there but only when I go to the rooms they are in.

One night I had to clean the carpet and it was around 11:00 PM. I put some music on as all night I could hear the books being flipped open by the spirits in there so I put a tape in of Dean Martin and all was still. When the tape stopped I put on a heavy rock band and over in the far corner a whole book shelf crashed to the ground. I turned the music off and called out, "Okay, you don't like this. What do you want me to play?" Then I asked, "Dean Martin?" and all the books started to flip again, so Dean went on and I went to pick up the books but none had fallen down.

I finished at 1:30 AM and as I turned the lights off to lock up and leave, I could see some of the spirits in the shadow of the moon inside. As I walked to my car I could feel them looking at me. As I said, I don't work there now, but they are all still there. The people who work in libraries will know what I am talking about.

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