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Witness: David Gillespie
Location: Estes Park, Colorado
Date of Encounter: September 24, 2009

I've always been a Stephen King fan, and have always wanted to visit the hotel that inspired The Shining. I got to do just that in September.

We checked in, went to our room, turned on the light, left our bags, and turned the light off. We came back an hour later and could only turn the light on with the chain on the ceiling fan — not the light switch. Later, after we went to sleep, the bed shook — like it feels when your washer is in spin mode! We found out at the tour that this is "Billy," a mischievous boy.

Then we heard the hotel ghost children (described the next day in the tour) giggling and running up and down the hall outside our room (#416). Nobody was outside the door! I got to meet the people staying in 217 (Stephen King's room and the Presidential Suite), and while we were in the room we all started smelling a strong scent of Rose Water. The tour guide said that was Mrs. Stanley! We ate in the restaurant downstairs and my wife's phone went to vibrate mode all on its own. I also set up my Sansa brand digital sound recorder in our room and got the children running not once but twice, as well as the sound of chairs sliding across the floor and dresser drawers opening and closing, although we were asleep and didn't see it happen. While taking photos, my camera would zoom by itself and sometimes shut off! I don't give a rat's butt if anyone on this Web site or my friends ever believe me. I will be staying there again. I have business meetings in Loveland every six months. What a great time!

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