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Witness: Amanda
Location: Palm Desert, California
Date of Encounter: January, 1992

This is something I will always remember. I have always believed in ghosts and their existence, my experience only furthered my belief. My encounter took place when I was ten years old. It was late and I was just getting back from my neighbor’s house. I got in my room and peered out my window for reasons I don’t know. In-between my neighbors house and mine was an empty lot, so they was only darkness.  Walking towards the light of my neighbors house (which was up the street) was a figure of a woman walking. My first instinct was that it was my friend’s mother. So, I opened my window and called out her name. The woman was still walking and I was still yelling. I was wondering why she didn’t say anything or turn around. So I just watched and as the figure reached the light it disappeared. Even though the neighborhood was fairly new and never experienced a haunting at that house again, I still believe that was ghost.

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