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Witness: Bill
Location: Rt. 33 Ridgefield, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: July, 2000

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Ghost picture - Rt. 33 in Ridgefield Connecticut

In early July, 2000, I was driving along Rt.33 in Ridgefield, CT at about 02:30, when I started seeing a red fox scurrying across the road. I took my digital camera (Olympus D-340R) out of the glove box and decided to try to take a picture or two.

I took about a dozen pictures through the open driver’s side window, but only managed to catch one deer on "film". When I reviewed the pictures, I noticed something unusual on the fourth shot I took (see attached

The anomaly looks like cigarette smoke to me, but I generally don’t smoke while driving, especially when I have a camera in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. Also, in order for smoke to appear like that, it would have to be in still air. That picture was taken through the open window of a car traveling at about 30 mph.

If you look closely, you’ll see a telephone or guy wire that appears to be surrounded by the anomaly. If that is the case, it would have to have been about 20 yards away.

The night the picture was taken was on the cool side, but also fairly dry. I don’t remember any fog or mist in the area.

I honestly don’t know what I captured in this picture, but I thought it might be of interest. I would love to believe that there is an other-worldly explanation for it, but I’m inclined to think otherwise. I’d be interested in hearing more opinions.

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