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Ghost Stories of Pets and AnimalsGhost Stories of Pets and Animals
By Darren Zenko
Publisher: Ghost House Books (March 2004)
Pages: 208 – Price: $10.95 review

Darren Zenko has written a rip-roaring, entertainingly good reading adventure! This is the kind of book which will delight and enchant readers of the paranormal interested in ghost stories about pets and animals.

The book contains 35 ghost stories. These accounts are based largely on eyewitness accounts. A total of six chapters bring to life these individual accounts.

Here is a sampling from this entertaining book: “Gef, the Talking Mongoose,” “The Boy Who Drew Cats,” “The Beast of Bungay,” “The Ghost Horses of Palo Duro Canyon,” “The Moose That Wasn’t There,” “The Thing in the Middle of Nowhere,” “Demon Dogs of the Party Place,” among many others. Each story will fascinate the reader with its special ghost, or ghosts. An extraordinary story that will linger in the reader’s mind concerns the spirit of a camel led by a dead man near Virginia City, Nevada.

This book would make an ideal gift for a friend. It would also be a good item to have placed in your local public library for patron reading and enjoyment. As a collection of true ghost stories about pets and animals, this is topnotch. Congratulations to the author for a well-written book.

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